Colección: HaYesod Courses

HaYesod courses offer transformative online lessons. Delve deep into the rich Jewish roots of Christianity. Discover the intricate connection between the land, its people, and the scriptures of Israel. All through the insightful lens of Messianic Judaism. Deepen your understanding and journey as a follower of Jesus.

How does HaYesod work?

HaYesod Full Access members have everything they need to study independently or lead group studies. If you want to lead a group study, it's important to make sure that all participating students have either a printed or ebook version of the HaYesod lesson book. This will serve as their registration fee for the program.

Students can purchase the lesson books directly, or Full Access members can buy them in bulk at a 40% discount. Remember, all participants need to have the lesson materials in order to participate.

Finally, you can access all purchased HaYesod courses through the First Fruits of Zion Learning Center at

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